Project Overview

The United States Embassy in Winnipeg championed this project as part of a cultural exchange initiative. The primary goal was not only to introduce a U.S.-based musical talent to Winnipeg's annual Festival Du Voyageur celebration but also to bridge cultural gaps, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation between the two nations. By sharing music, stories, and traditions, the project aimed to highlight the similarities and celebrate the differences, creating a harmonious blend of cultures. L'Angélus, a band of four siblings: Katie, Paige, Johnny, and Stephen Rees, was selected for this mission. They seamlessly blend genres, emphasizing their Louisiana roots with cajun fiddle, swing, swamp pop, and New Orleans R&B. Each sibling, known for their energy and harmonies, takes a lead vocal role. Katie is on guitar, Paige on bass, Johnny on drums, and Stephen showcases his versatility with the fiddle, accordion, saxophone, and harmonica. Working on this project was an absolute joy, and our client was ecstatic with the final outcome.